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The Best Quiet Toilets For You: A 2024 Guide To Help You Shush That Flush In A Flash

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Last Updated: April 11, 2024

A toilet is indeed one of humankind’s greatest inventions. But sometimes, it gets annoyingly loud. After flushing, that gulping sound screams to the world that you just did a little pee, or maybe a potty?


When nature starts calling, there’s no turning back. I, unfortunately, reached the point where I even searched for a quiet flush toilet among the best sellers.

Thinking that others, maybe you, might be in the same boat, I decided to share my reviews.

The toilet that attracted me the most is the TOTO CST744EL Eco Drake Toilet; let's find out why.

Top 6 Of The Best Quiet Flush Toilet Reviewed

1. TOTO CST744EL Eco Drake – Best Overall

TOTO CST744EL Eco DrakeI find the Eco Drake Toilet from TOTO as one of the top-notch quiet flush toilets of today. It is not surprising at all considering that it has the best features you can find in a toilet.

Despite being two-piece, many find it very easy to install with a twelve-inch rough-in. It has pleasing aesthetics and eco-friendly specs too.

It is WaterBased-certified and uses less water in draining wastes, thanks to TOTO’s E-max 1.28 GPF flushing system. Conveniently, the three-inch-wide flush valve maintains sufficient power to flush it in one go.

As for comfort, it gets high ratings with its ADA-compliant height and elongated seat. You should also note that it has a left-hand chrome trip lever. For a bonus, its product details also say it’s labeled CALGreen and CEC compliant.

The only possible downside is that it doesn’t include a seat.

Although some say it’s slightly louder than other TOTO units, you can assure its quietness based on the reviews and its gravity-flush system.


  • Easy Installation
  • ADA and CEC compliant
  • CALGreen and WaterBase-certified
  • E-max 1.28 GPF flushing system
  • Cost-effective


  • No seat included


The TOTO CST744EL is the best quiet flush toilet among the models I’ve reviewed. It has all the good features, including our target, which is a silent but powerful flush. Just remember to buy a seat for it.


2. DeerValley DV-1F026 One-Piece Toilet – Best Value

DeerValley DV-1F026 Dual Flush Elongated Standard One Piece Toilet with Comfort Seat Height, Soft Close Seat Cover, High-Efficiency Supply, and White Finish Toilet Bowl

People know the DeerValley DV-1F026 model as one of the brand’s products featuring a quiet but powerful flush. Although the product isn’t that famous among quiet toilets reviews, you’ll be surprised by the feedback and attributes it has.

Many people love its modern and aesthetic design. Not only is it attractive, but the surface also comes with a self-cleaning feature for easier maintenance. Many agree that it’s also easy to install.

The height is also ADA-compliant, but it could only be between 16 to 17 inches based on product reviews. Nevertheless, its size would never compromise user comfort, and besides, you'll also like its flushing style.

It has a siphon or gravity flushing system to give you minimum noise, but it is also dual-flush. You can select a 0.8 GPF or a 1.28 GPF, depending on the amount of waste you need to drain. What’s nice is that its higher GPF flush is still water-efficient.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Easy installation
  • Dual and siphon (gravity) flush system
  • ADA height w/ soft-close comfort seat
  • Cost-effective


  • Complains that the toilet seat may be uncomfortable


The DeerValley DV-1F026 is a candidate for the brand’s quietest toilet on the market. I find this unit the most cost-effective option and yet remains to have incredible features.


3. TOTO CST743S Drake Toilet – Best Round Bowl Toilet

TOTO CST743S Drake ToiletPerhaps you’d like a round bowl toilet this time? The CST743S two-piece toilet from TOTO is a good option for that purpose. Like the TOTO Eco Drake we’ve discussed earlier, it’s easy to install and comfortable.

The main difference compared to the earlier model is that this unit utilizes a 1.6 GPF. It may not be that water-efficient and doesn't include a seat like most TOTO models, but its eco-friendly feature compensates for lacking those attributes.

Unlike the conventional type, this toilet features TOTO's G-max flushing system. This kind of system offers a fast and powerful flush with the toilet's three-inch wide valve.

In addition, its large water surface allows you to say goodbye to slipping wastes.


  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable
  • Eco Friendly153623 special feature
  • G-max flushing system


  • No seat included in the packaging
  • Relatively lower water-efficiency


If you prefer a round bowl over an elongated one, the TOTO CST743S is the best quiet toilet I’ve seen with this shape. Its specs and attributes are as good as any other TOTO product.


4. Compact Cadet 3 – Best One-Piece Toilet

American Standard 2403128.020 Compact Cadet 3-FloWise Tall Height 1-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet with Seat, White The Compact Cadet 3 is a toilet with good reviews. I think you’ll find its features very convenient.

For starters; being one-piece, it is easy to install; most people agree that it is. Its compact size can fit even the standard size of a round bowl toilet.

You can also choose whether your product will have a left or right-hand trip lever. Furthermore, if being ADA compliant is more comfortable for you, then that’s a bonus you will enjoy.

It is also water-saving with an impressive 1.28 GPF or gallons per flush, a WaterSense-certified label, and an EverClean surface that prevents mildew, mold, and bacteria.

Many users claim that it flushes with no noise, thanks to its slow closing toilet that diminishes the noise.


  • EverClean Surface
  • WaterSense-certified and ADA compliant
  • Left or right-hand trip lever option
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective


  • You may occasionally need to flush twice
  • Customer complaints on a flimsy seat


Among all the one-piece toilets I’ve reviewed, I consider this an excellent choice. Apart from being a well-known brand, it also has the various attributes you’d look for in a toilet model.


5. Kohler 3810 Santa Rosa – Best Height For Adults

KOHLER 3810-96 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever, Biscuit The Kohler 3810 Santa Rosa one-piece elongated toilet has mixed reviews on its quality and efficiency. But after further assessments, I’ve figured the product's performance depends on the manufacturer and your body type.

I decided to include it, mainly because of the numerous feedback of having a quiet flush.

You’ll find its twelve-inch size pretty easy to install and even saves a lot of space with its compact design. People also find to flush wastes in one go with its gravity flush system and an Aquapiston canister.

Like the other eco-friendly toilets reviewed, this Kohler quiet flush toilet is also WaterBase-certified and has a 1.28 GPF.

The highlight and people’s most adored feature is its comfort height for average adults.

You can consider it if your height isn’t suited for shorter toilets or if you recently had body surgery. Consequently, the elongated seat further enhances user comfortability.


  • Comfort height
  • One-flush wastes
  • Aquapiston canister
  • WaterBase-certified
  • Easy installation and convenient cleaning


  • Relatively higher price
  • Complaints on clogging and low-quality seat due to poor delivery and manufacturing


Many people love the Kohler 3810 Santa Rosa’s comfort height feature; I think you will, too. This feature is especially beneficial for those who don't prefer short-seated toilets.


6. Convenient Height 20” – Best For Mobility Problems

Convenient Height 20” Extra TallThere are situations when the standard comfort height isn’t enough, especially for hip surgeries or those with weak knees.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, I recommend the Convenient Height 20-in Extra Tall Toilet.

It goes beyond the ADA-compliant height. Despite being tall, it’s small enough to fit in compact places. Many people find its elongated seat comfy as well.

The unit is another dual-flush system, with 1.28GPF and 0.9GPF for large and small wastes correspondingly. You lift the flush lever for the full flush and push it down for the lighter one; the model is also WaterSense-certified.

For installation, it requires a twelve-inch rough-in. You may also find it efficient considering its approval from the Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters and California Energy Commission (CEC.)


  • Dual and gravity-flush system
  • Heigh beyond ADA-compliant standards
  • CEC and WaterSense-certified
  • Approved by Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters
  • Slow closing toilet seat


  • May experience flimsy or wobbly seats
  • Too high for some children or shorter people


If you’re looking for a quiet toilet with a height suitable even with bad knees or hip surgeries, this is the one for you. The Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet goes beyond the standard ADA compliant height with the features of a good silent toilet.


Critical Factors In Buying A Quiet Flush Toilet

One-Piece Vs. Two-Piece

In a one-piece toilet, you merge the tank with the bowl; in a two-piece, you separate them.

A one-piece toilet is easier to install since you only need to mount it in one go. Some people also agree they are easier to clean. However, they could be heavier to carry because you’ll have to lift all the parts at once.

Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are generally less expensive. They could also last longer. For instance, when a part is damaged, you’d only have to replace that part and not the whole toilet.

Selecting which type is better may be up to your capabilities. They are equally functional, despite the common misconceptions.

Rough-In And Size

Of course, we should consider the dimensions.

A rough-in refers to the distance from the wall to the bolt cap or mounting hole from where you install your toilet. The rough-in is the first measurement you should gauge before buying.

Toilets typically range from ten, twelve, and 14-inch rough-in; you may choose based on the size your bathroom can occupy.

Consider the toilet’s height with yours as well. You will see some units labeled as "comfort height" or "ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant."

The mentioned label means the bowl rim height is 17 to 19 inches from the floor, higher than the standard. It is beneficial for people who have trouble with their back and knees, but not so much for children and shorter people.

Bowl Shape (Round Vs. Elongated)

Elongated Toilet

Bowl shape relies on your bathroom size.

For smaller bathrooms, a round-shaped bowl takes up less space. But if you have the option of a larger bathroom, I’d recommend the elongated bowl. The latter is better in terms of hygiene and comfort; that’s why you’ll mostly see public toilets having this shape.

Flushing System

Gravity Flush

The flushing system, speaking for itself, uses natural gravity to create a pressure that drains your wastes. It stores water in the tank, then releases them when the flush is activated. It is the oldest system used, but also the most popular and quietest, too.

Pressure-Assisted Flush

The pressure-assisted flushing system is a modernized technique you’ll usually find in planes.

It uses pressurized air to forcefully drop water from the tank the same way gravity flushes do. It can be stronger than the latter but consequently louder, something we’re trying to avoid.

If you come across this type of system, I highly suggest thoroughly reading reviews to see if the noise level is tolerable for you.

Dual Flush

Dual flush isn’t an actual type of system, but you’ll commonly see them in some products. They give you the option of using less water for urine and smaller wastes, good for conserving water. They usually come in two buttons or a handle that goes both upward and downward.

Water Efficiency (Gallons Per Flush)

You can determine the water efficiency of our toilet using gallons per flush (GPF). GPF is the measurement of the amount of water drained per flush. Most of the standard toilets have a 1.60GPF, but some recently designed ones only have a 1.28GPF.

You can also check if the toilet is WaterSense-certified by EPA. A "WaterSense" labeled toilet uses 20% less water.

As we mentioned earlier, dual flush toilets also save more water because of their flexibility between a partial and a full flush.

Personally, as an eco-lover, saving water is a priority. However, if you think like me, we should note that some water-efficient toilets can be noisier than the standard.

How To Maintain A Silent Flush Toilet

Before checking out the tips; to widen our understanding, let’s try watching this fun 3D animation video on how flushes work:

Tighten The Pipes

The first thing you can do is regularly check the tubes and pipes. It’s inevitable for clamps to get loose, which can cause annoying sounds.

Be sure to check them thoroughly and manually. You can use a screwdriver to secure intact. Just watch out for accidentally closing the water inlet valve.

Adjust The Water Inflow

Decreasing the inflow speed of water into the tank can lessen flushing sounds. You can adjust this by tweaking the water valve, which you can usually find outside the tank near the bottom of the toilet. Keep in mind, though, that it consequently slows down the refilling of the tank.

Reduce Water In The Tank

If your tank already has more than enough water for draining your wastes, try limiting the amount of water it stores. People usually do this using a weighted water bottle. The method is efficient for reducing noise and for saving water, too.

Replace Or Repair The Components

Toilet flush valve

When all else fails, you might need to spend a bit more money.

Be sure to investigate first why your flushes make noise, usually found among the components in the tank.

Sometimes, you can repair by simply cleaning or removing the obstructions. You may also try rearranging dislocated parts.

If you have an impaired fill valve, be sure to buy and install the quiet type. It is already pre-installed in a quiet flush toilet, but you can also buy it separately.

SoundProof Tip: Don't depend too much on quiet toilets since they only muffle sounds as much as needed. Stray aggressive farts and gurgles would still seep out and create dreaded poop noises. To ease you out of this dilemma, we prepared a to-do list you might consider looking into -- How To Poop Quietly: Tips To Defecate Noiselessly On Toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's so noisy when I flush my toilet, what can be wrong?

Usually, obstruction or damage in the fill valves causes hissing or water flow noises. Cleaning or replacing them could remove the noise.

What causes “ghost flushing?”

The term ghost flushing or phantom flushing is when the toilet makes sudden noises when it seemingly flushes on its own. You can usually find the problem in the tank. It could be a damaged flapper, a mislocated refill tube, or even a dirty tank itself.

What toilet flush brand is silent?

A quiet toilet review or two usually considers the TOTO brand. It also uses less water in draining wastes with sufficient power to flush it all in one go.

Final Thoughts

After careful investigation of different quiet toilets, I’ve considered the best quiet flush toilet in stock to be TOTO CST744EL Eco Drake Toilet.  It is eco-friendly, comfortable, aesthetic, and above all, installed with a silent but powerful flushing system.

However, if you want the most cost-effective option, I recommend the DeerValley DV-1F026. I assure you it has the exquisite features of a quiet flush toilet.

I hope this guide greatly benefitted you. After all, we all want to find the best quiet toilet for the sake of our relief and privacy.

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