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How To Hang Sound Foam: Ways To Securely Install Acoustic Foam To Soundproof Your Room

Last Updated: May 11, 2024

Most people tend to upgrade their rooms into movie theaters or recording studios for all the right reasons.


It becomes difficult to prevent the sound from echoing around the room. The sound waves keep reflecting from the surface, ruining the experience. Fortunately, installing acoustic panels on the walls assists in capturing the recoiling sound.

They are also capable of soundproofing the room. This can prevent the noises from dribbling in or out of the room. If not mounted properly though, the foam can ravage your walls badly.

That’s why it is better to acknowledge how to stick acoustic foam to a wall before you do so.

How To Hang Sound Foam?

foam insulation on wall

Acoustic foams are readily available online at very reasonable rates and they come in a variety of colors to choose from. Installing these panels is much easier than you might presume. 

With a little hard work... 

You can completely soundproof and audio-perfect a room.
But if not mounted correctly, the foam will lose its effect.

Moreover, it can damage the walls of the room. Thus, if you don't know how to mount sound foam, it is better to learn about it, research the best insulation for soundproofing walls or ask for a professional's assistance.

Acoustic foams can be installed using various methods and techniques depending upon the surface on which they'll be mounted. Each method uses a different type of adhesive material, however, spray adhesive is the most common one.

How To Put Up Acoustic Foam For Drywall And Smooth Surfaces?

Moving on with how to put acoustic foam on a wall, i.e. a smooth surface of the drywall, the following adhesives should be considered:

Spray Adhesive

You can use Loctite general purpose spray adhesive or the 3M general purpose 4. Both will effectively attach the acoustic foam to the wall without damaging it.

Strong Double Sided Tape

yellow double-sided tape on wooden background

A simple double-sided tape can also do the job perfectly. Be sure to use heavy-duty incredibly effective ones because these ensure that the foam stays on the wall without damaging it. You can use Gorilla mounting tape or specialized Adhesive squares.

Push Pins

As drywall is softer, you can have acoustic foam installation using long T-shaped push pins. They are a highly effective alternative for hanging acoustic foam without glue.

Command Strips

Another alternative is to use 3M command strips

Construction Adhesives

For mounting an acoustic panel over a tough and sturdy concrete wall, you’ll have to adapt to diverse techniques. It is highly recommended to use specialized construction adhesives such as liquid nails.

How To Hang Acoustic Foam Without Damaging Walls?

If you are renting and don’t want to leave the wall ruined by the remains of adhesives used, you should use a method with which you can end up with minimal wall damage. 

The pinholes and nails tend to leave holes in the wall, while the spray or tape adhesive results in a lot of mess once removed.

Thus, it is better to be aware of how to mount acoustic foam temporarily because it can be helpful in some scenarios.

The best way to put up acoustic foam in these conditions would be by using 3M command strips. They are originally used for hanging pictures. The strips can be easily removed without leaving any residues behind.

Another method is to initially mount acoustic foam to a piece of plywood or cardboard with any adhesive. Then hang the panel on the wall and this will not only save your walls but also gives you the independence to move the panels elsewhere whenever required.

We’re not finished with our guide on “how to stick acoustic foam to a wall,” read on to find out more!

How To Install Soundproofing Foam Using Spray Adhesive?

Here is a precise explanation of how to install soundproof foam.

Follow all of the steps as proper installation will cause minimal damage to the walls, especially if you soundproof a wall between apartments, and it will also effectively soundproof your room:

  • Use a tape measure to record the dimensions of the wall.
  • Mark out the location of the foam panel on the wall by using a pencil.
  • Using a clean rag or towel soaked in isopropyl or denatured alcohol clean the wall, this will remove all the excess material and dirt from the marked zone.
  • Use a towel to wipe the area and let it dry; it is best to avoid common household cleaners as they reduce the adhesion strength of the foam.
  • Place some newspaper and painter's plastic to protect your room.
  • While using adhesives it is better to compile a spraying area to avoid a messy room.
  • While installing soundproofing foam you should maintain the temperature of the room.
  • Keep the room temperature around 70° F (21° C) for absolute results and better adhesive functioning.
  • Lay the foam on the floor smooth side up.
  • Cautiously, apply the adhesive spray to the acoustic foam, for better results apply some on the mounting area on the wall as well.
  • Wait for at least 10 to 15 seconds, for the adhesive to become humid and sticky.
  • Dexterously place the foam against the measured mounting zone.
  • Apply hard pressure and hold for almost 30 seconds.
  • Try to keep the temperature around 70° F (21° C) for some days after mounting.

Man using spray adhesive

How To Hang Sound Foam With Adhesive Squares?

Let’s explore how to attach the acoustic foam to a wall using adhesive squares.

Here is the precise procedure for installing sound foams using adhesive squares; most of the steps are similar to the spray adhesive method:

  • Mark out the location of the foam on your wall using a pencil or tape.
  • Wipe the area with isopropyl or denatured alcohol.
  • Use rags and towels to do so; never use common cleaners.
  • Remove the thin paper liner from adhesive squares.
  • Place the foam on the floor and apply the adhesive squares near the outer corners.
  • Apply pressure on the squares for at least 30 seconds and be sure the adhesives form a strong bond with the foam.
  • Take off the second paper liner from the squares.
  • Delicately, place the foam over the measured zone.
  • Apply pressure for almost 30 seconds.

This method is less messy than adhesive spray and nails...

FAQs Section

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers in regard:

How do you stick acoustic foam to walls?

Different adhesives can effectively attach acoustic foams to the wall. As described before the type of adhesive used depends upon the structure and texture of the wall. You can use adhesive spray, double side tape, nails, or push pins.

Before purchasing an adhesive, you should check the surface of your walls and learn how to stick acoustic foam to a wall, this will assure better results without any damages.

Where do you put acoustic foam in a room?

For better sound absorption, acoustic panels are mounted on the walls of a room. Or they are hung from the ceiling in some cases. It is recommended to place the panels on the walls near the sound system.

The sound waves hit the walls near the source before reaching the listeners. That’s why initially insulate the walls with noise cancelling insulation closer to the source of sound then move on to others. If you want a completely soundproof room then move towards the ceiling.

How many acoustic foam panels do I need?

There is no certain answer to this question. Every room is different and each would have different necessities for the number of acoustic panels to be used. 

A minimum estimate for a typical rectangular room is 18 foam panels.

There are many other things to consider as well.

A concrete wall requires more panels as compared to the drywall.

How to install acoustic foam with adhesive squares?

Adhesive squares are quite easy to use. After measuring the dimensions of the wall, remove the thin paper lining from the squares and attach them to the foam. Only attaching them to the edges of the foam will do.

Put hard pressure on each square for 30 seconds to firmly bond them to the foam. Now take the second liner from the squares and place them over the wall on the measured area. Again apply pressure to stick the foam to the wall.

Via this protocol, you’ll have successfully mounted acoustic foam to your wall using adhesive squares.

Do command strips work on acoustic foam?

Yes, command strips can be used to mount acoustic foams. You have to attach the foam to thin cardboard or plywood using any adhesive. Then you can easily install them on the wall using command strips.

Command strips cause minimal damage to the walls and you can also reposition things whenever required.

Lastly, this YouTube video will help you better understand what soundproofing is:


If you want to modify your spare or rent room into a home theater or music studio, it is important to use acoustic foam panels. They will not only just enhance the sound quality but also keep the sound waves from moving in or out of the room.

But no one would want to ravage their walls. That’s why it requires a proper installation.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand how to mount sound foam without any damage to the walls, at least the basics.

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