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Squeaky Box Springs: Easy Fix & Maintenance To Permanently Stop The Box From Making Noise

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Last Updated: May 10, 2024

Imagine being in your bedroom, lying down in your comfortable bed.

When suddenly...

Upon moving just a tiny touch, everything starts to squeak, and now you can’t even sleep. 🙁

What an unfortunate thing to happen, especially when you want some good night’s rest. So here are some of the ways on how to fix a squeaky box spring.

It will help you get back into your sweet dreams and wake up relaxed and refreshed.

Ways On How To Stop A Squeaky Box Spring

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1. Investigating The Cause

Before jumping into the know-hows of fixing the squeaky box spring, we should first unlock our Sherlock selves and detect the culprit causing this problem.

Remember that different sources may require varying responses, so we need to determine the source of this annoying noise. Listen more closely for box spring squeaks or other types of noises.

Yes, there are a lot of possible suspects out here. They could be your mattress with its spring wearing out or your bed frame with loosened bolts and poor foundation that causes friction on the floor.

Not only that, but it could also be a combination of either the mattress and frame with a creaking box spring. Once you determine that the box spring causes noise, let’s go ahead and proceed with some quick fixes to silence it.

2. Screw It!: The Bolts And Screws

Yes, screw it indeed! Most of the time, bolts loosen up at the joints, causing the box spring to make noise. This noise is a call for inspecting every nook of the bed thoroughly and slowly tighten up all the bolts to reduce unnecessary movement.

If it persists, you may also add a washer between the bolt and wood as it would aid the tightening of the joint. Meanwhile, you should prepare a wrench, or a screwdriver, depending on the box spring's bolt type.

Yet if all of these still fails and the squeaking box spring persists, maybe it's time to consider placing new, additional bolts.

These newly-added bolts will strengthen the structure once you add them in areas where you expect more movement, such as around the legs and corners. Nevertheless, you should take note to place bolts with even spaces and line them up in an orderly manner.

You have better chances of finally stopping the screech if you all these correctly. However, should it be a recurring issue, you can try resorting to some other solutions on how to fix a squeaky box spring.

3. Apply Lubricants To Screws And Coils

We are still not finished dealing with the screws, so grab your WD-40 or any available lubricating oil.

Another way that will help you to fix a squeaky box spring is by applying lubricants to the bolts and coils of the spring.

However, getting into the coils will require you to cut into the back of the mattress and remove it as you lubricate the spring.

But once you complete the steps, it will help reduce the friction and thus, in turn, remove the noise that the box spring may create. Then you may now reattach the fabric back into the box by stitching it or using staple guns.

4. Place Padding Between The Frame And The Box Spring

A piece of extra fabric may come in handy for this step, so pick up your extra clothes and get ready for this quick fix!

Sometimes the noise may be coming from the friction within the spaces between the quiet bed frame and the box spring.

To tighten up the spaces, you can use some of your old t-shirts or socks and stuff them within the spaces in a precise manner.

Evenly spreading it out is very important as you have to avoid deforming the spring, which may worsen the loud box spring situation. We don't want that to happen to us, especially if we want some fixes. So be careful! 

5. Create Some Buffer

Another viable option is to place in a buffer, typically plywood, between the mattress and box spring. You can acquire plywood that fits the size of your bed within your local hardware stores. This buffer will help you minimize the squeaking sounds as it cuts down the friction. 

6. Use Some Glue And Wax

Sometimes we just have to stick it to them! Using Wood Glue or Candle Wax is a cheap and viable solution that may help you fix the squeaky box spring problem.

At first, you may have to flip the box around to locate the areas where you have to apply the materials. Next, you may have to check the joints and corners, which are typically the origin of most problems.

And once you've spotted the places where the noise comes from, you can now apply ample amounts of wood glue on it.

Meanwhile, for those using candle wax, take safety precautions and perform the task away from fire-prone areas to avoid accidents.

carpenter putting wood glue

7. Turn Around, Box Spring

Now and then, your box spring may fall apart. Nevertheless, a solution that can save your time and effort compared to other methods listed here is turning the box spring around.

Wait, what do you mean by this?

You have to place the head of the spring at the foot side and vice versa.

It shifts the pressure towards areas where the spring may handle it. Doing such can help reduce the squeaking sound and distribute the pressure from the box spring, effectively prolonging its lifespan. 

Maintaining the Fixes

Once we’ve learned how to fix squeaky box springs and successfully apply them, we should remember to have regular check-ups and maintenance. Doing so prolongs the box’s lifespan.

Not only that, but it will also help you in reducing instances that require you to fix them. To further help you with this issue, here are several valuable tips you can try:

  • Check the joints every three months and make necessary repairs such as applying lubricants and tightening the bolts.
  • Continue to get a feel of the flipped box spring and adjust it every three or six months to avoid applying too much pressure over a specific area.
  • Maintain the padding applied by ensuring that the bolts around the area are tight to prevent the clothes from spilling outside.

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What Could You Do When All Else Fails?

If all of the solutions fail to resolve the problem, you should not hesitate to buy a new box spring.

Box springs usually last up to about ten years. So don’t think that replacing it is a waste of money, especially if you were already using it for a while.

There are several good deals you can find online and in local stores. For example, you can get budget-friendly yet high-quality box springs that are durable enough to last you a long time.

Another option is to replace your bedroom set up by buying a mattress that requires a different foundation.

The stores may be selling memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses that will fit in a different foundation. In addition, you may pick from either a platform, slatted, or adjustable base foundation as you swap out of the box springs.

Hopefully, the choice you’ll come up with will finally give you the comfortable sleep you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an easy fix for a creaky bed?

Each box may have different issues and may require varying solutions to fix the squeaky box spring fully. But yes, you may perform relatively easy fixes for a box spring that makes noise. It includes turning the box around to manage the necessary pressure it requires.

Learn more  in this video below, about how to stop a box spring from squeaking:

Should I have my box spring replaced when it starts making sounds?

Not really; there are fixes that you could apply to your box spring. Do not think that it is all doomed once it makes a bit of a sound.

Minor fixes can make a difference and can help extend the lifespan of your box spring. However, if you tried all the solutions listed but still failed, that’s the signal to buy a new one.

Final Thoughts

Worry no more about the squeaky box spring ruining your nights! We now have practical solutions that can help you address this concern.

So, if you're someone who worries about how to fix a squeaky box spring, you can now relax and enjoy. I'm sure you'll appreciate how we now have several quick fixes available, like tightening up bolts, putting lubricants, and padding gaps with clothes.

Remember, though, to identify first where the noise comes from to know what solution to implement. Then, continue maintaining and checking the box spring regularly to avoid further repairs.

We all want that good night’s rest, and so let’s do everything we can to end those sleepless nights due to a box spring making noise.

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