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7 Quietest Bed Frames: Foolproof Ways Of Choosing One For Achieving A More Peaceful Sleep

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Last Updated: May 11, 2024

You had a long day at work and looked forward to having a relaxing time in your bed as you get ready to sleep. Then all of a sudden, the bed started making noise. 🙁

Terrible, isn't it?

Therefore, you realized how having a quiet bed frame could be life-changing. But how do you start looking for one? Keep reading as we review several best-selling bed frames that don't squeak to give you a more peaceful slumber.

Find out why Olee Sleep Bed Frame is my favorite and how it stood out as the best overall product.

The Quietest Bed Frames This 2021

1. Olee Sleep Bed Frame – Best Overall

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat/ Anti-slip Support/ Easy Assembly/ Mattress Foundation/ Bed Frame/ Noise Free/ No Box Spring Needed, Queen

Even with its single metal frame construction, this Olee bed frame is still among the quietest frames you can find today. It has a minimalist design with a black finish that offers you a restful retreat in style.

More than that, the frame comes with three middle legs to enhance its stability. This bed frame can impressively support a maximum weight capacity of 1200 pounds and even allows you to adjust it an inch and a half lower.

You may likewise use the space underneath the frame for extra storage of some clothes or linens if you have trouble with ample floor space.

Moreover, there are various sizes available for this bed frame, from twin size to full sizes. Olee provides you a sturdy and long-lasting frame with the option of choosing a basic or a foldable unit, whichever suits your needs best.


  • Adequate slat length for mattress support
  • 12-inch clearance underneath for additional storage space
  • Sturdy construction with anti-slip support
  • No need for a box spring
  • Very quiet
  • Plastic cups on every leg to avoid scraping hardwood floors


  • Tricky assembly
  • Middle legs are visible without a bed skirt


Many Olee users appreciate how this bed frame can hold up well to your various needs, whether it's peaceful slumber or some "grownup activities." You will have enough confidence to know that it doesn't budge, away, or squeak even if you're pretty heavy.


2. Zinus SmartBase 14-Inch Bed Frame – Best Value

ZINUS SmartBase Zero Assembly Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel Frame / Underbed Storage, Queen

For outstanding qualities at a very competitive price range, the Zinus SmartBase is among the quietest bed frames most users love. Besides, Zinus is one reputable brand, trusted by many over the years.

The SmartBase features a simplistic design with an easy set-up process and a robust, non-squeaky bed frame.

This bed frame is likewise ideal for couples since it can support a maximum weight of 1,500 pounds and still maintains remarkable stability.

The best part is it won't require you to use a box spring, and it's impressively noise-free.

Additionally, you will receive the package with a concise, straightforward instruction sheet on installing the bed frame without the need for any other tools.


  • Sturdy, all-steel construction with a wobble and noise-free design
  • 14-inch height with 13-inch clearance for additional storage space
  • Easy installation with no other tools required
  • Maximum weight capacity of 1,500 pounds
  • Ideal replacement for the bulky box spring
  • Affordable price


  • No headboard included
  • Mattress slides


The SmartBase is an all-metal, no squeak bed frame that's quick to set up and even easier to fold for convenient storage. The installation comes so easy; you can do it by yourself without any other tools. Best of all, there's no disturbing noise when you move around in your bed.


3. Amazon Basics Foldable Bed Frame – Best Budget Buy

Amazon Basics Foldable, 14" Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed - Full

A night of restful sleep is nothing worth compromising about, and I think Amazon Basics had that in mind when they came up with this bed frame. Those looking for affordable bed frames that don't squeak and struggling with limited space at home will find its foldable feature helpful.

Many of its users love the convenience of folding this bed frame into a compact size for ease of storage.

Furthermore, it reassures you an undisturbed sleep because it makes no unnecessary noise even when you move a lot.

This noise-free feature makes it the perfect choice when considering the product's performance for some "grownup stuff" in bed. Like Zinus SmartBase, this bed frame from AmazonBasics also offers a hassle-free installation and a 13-inch clearance underneath for extra storage space.


  • Metal frame construction for enhanced support
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • No box spring required
  • Space saver, easy to fold, and store
  • Suitable for various styles of mattresses


  • The queen-size option is spacious enough but not that big
  • Quite tricky to assemble leg supports


The noise-free build of this product makes it an irresistible option for those searching for no squeak bed frames. Most foldable bed frames make that annoying sound when folding and unfolding them, but not this one.


4. Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame – Best Seller

Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame w/Heavy Duty Steel Slat Foundation, Black

The absence of sharp edges is what many users like best about the Mellow Bed Frame. Hence, it's one of the crowd favorites when looking for bed frames that don't squeak while protecting their floors.

Mellow offers this sleek, sturdy home essential to give optimal support to various mattress designs.

This bed frame in a stylish black finish is a practical choice for anyone who prefers a low-profile bed. Such a design allows users to get in and out of bed effortlessly.

In addition, this is a silent bed frame that you can use comfortably without the need for a box spring. Finally, it provides a generous room for extra storage since it has a 12-inch under-the-bed clearance, an additional space that will help keep your room in order.


  • Low-profile bed frame
  • Durable steel construction
  • Slats throughout the bed frame for increased stability
  • Hinged corners for added safety
  • Easy-to-match chic design with various room styles
  • Overlapping joint in every corner prevents noise as you move


  • Requires tools to assemble
  • No headboard


The Mellow Bed Frame features a minimalist design while highlighting its structural integrity. In addition, it has a low-profile platform, boasting an ideal height for more petite users, so they can get in and out of bed without assistance.


5. Zinus Abel Bed Frame – Best For Tight Spaces

Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / No Box Spring Needed / Steel Slat Support / Easy Quick Lock Assembly, King

You can never check any quiet bed frame review without coming across the Abel Bed Frame from Zinus. This trusted brand offers its users straightforward assembly instructions that they can do in minutes and don't even need a box spring.

Like the many other bed frames we have reviewed, it boasts a 13-inch clearance that works well as under-bed storage for extra linens, toys, etc. It may lack a headboard, but this is among the best quiet bed frame you can find today.

Those worrying about narrow entrances and tight spaces at home need not worry since you will receive the Abel bed frame in a slim box.

Additionally, it's very lightweight because even the King size only weighs 44.73 pounds, so you won't have trouble moving it around.


  • Heavy-duty, all-metal construction
  • Sturdy slats for optimal support
  • Adhesive strips secure heavy mattresses
  • High-profile bed
  • Suitable for any type of mattress
  • Minimalist design and under-bed storage space


  • Not ideal for individuals who prefer using a box spring
  • Adhesive tapes are too sticky


In contrast with the Mellow, the Abel model from Zinus has a high-profile design. Its slats are sturdy enough to provide optimal support to heavy mattresses and come with adhesive strips to keep them in place. The best part is, it doesn't squeak, too.


6. Aromustime Bed Frame – Best For Heavy People

AROMUSTIME 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame/Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation/Heavy Duty Steel Slat/Noise Free/Box Spring Replacement, Queen

This metal platform is from Aromustime with a sturdy design to keep your mattress tightly in place. It is a nine-legged structure with minimalistic style and a black powder-coated finish that can beautifully enhance different bedroom interiors.

It mostly comes up for those searching for load-bearing frames that don't squeak, making it suitable for heavy people and active couples.

Moreover, this metal bed frame offers remarkable stability and can support 3,000 pounds of maximum weight.


  • Heavy-duty, all-metal construction
  • Load-bearing design
  • 3000 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • Sturdy, nine-legged structure for optimal support
  • Excellent stability for active couples and heavy people
  • Easy installation


  • No corresponding labels for the screws
  • Improperly drilled bolt holes
  • Holes don't match a standard headboard


Aromustime is among the quietest bed frames that you can conveniently assemble without requiring you to use any complex tools. It is noise-free and stable, making it the best choice for plus-sized individuals and active couples.


7. ZIYOO King Bed Frame – Best In Wide Compatibility

ZIYOO King Bed Frame

For users trying to stay away from squeaky and easily breakable bed frames, this one from ZIYOO could be another excellent choice. Its enhanced steel-wood construction with a black and white finish gives it a contemporary look suitable for any space.

The bed frame has robust, stable legs that minimize its movement to prevent making unwanted noise.

It delivers a night of restful sleep for users with kids who most likely move a lot in bed, light sleepers, and sexually active couples.


  • Minimalist design
  • 14-inch height with sufficient under-bed storage
  • Durable and long-lasting metal and wood framework
  • Broad compatibility with different headboards and footboards
  • Maximum weight capacity of 3000 pounds
  • Anti-sleep groove to prevent squeaking sounds


  • Narrow-sized slats
  • Wooden slats tend to cave in with too much pressure
  • Assembly instructions are not concise


Here's another no-squeak bed frame that will not require you to use a box spring. Some would say that the assembly instructions need some improvement. However, you will receive all the parts with labels, so I believe it would make up for the not-so-detailed user manual.


Identifying The Source Of Noise

Bed with pillows and blankets

With all the stressors we inevitably go through in our daily lives, the least we need at the end of the day is a squeaking bed. Therefore, before we proceed with solving this issue, we must first determine what causes the noise.

Do you often find yourself asking, why is my bed making too much noise? If yes, here are a few steps that you can make to identify its source:

  • Examine your bed frame, mattress, and box spring individually to figure out which among these is causing the noise.
  • Remember that unless your mattress has some coils, it would least likely create an unwanted squeaking sound.
  • Box springs enhance the support provided by the mattress, but they tend to lose support after you use them for a while. Its metal springs might go rusty; hence, you need to decide whether using a box spring is necessary or not because it can cause noise.
  • Apply pressure on various parts of your bed frame by sitting on every edge or shake it lightly. Doing so will help you determine if it's your bed frame that creates the unwanted sound.

How To Prevent Metal Bed Frames From Making Noise

Do you want to know what's the remedy to lessen the metal bed frame's squeaking sound? The following are foolproof hacks that you can consider if your bed frame's squeaking sound causes you several sleepless nights:

  • A loose headboard that keeps rubbing against a wall can cause some noise. To prevent this from happening, you may try moving your bed away from the wall.
  • You may watch this short video for some tips on creating foam cushions at the back of headboards: 

  • Inspect areas where metal pieces and joints could disconnect. Loose joints can also cause bed frames to squeak. Therefore, if you happen to find unfastened bolts, tighten them with a wrench to eliminate the noise.
  • Apply oil or wax to lubricate loose bolts, which could otherwise reduce the squeaking sound. Stay away from lubricants in liquid form as they tend to cause deformation to wooden structures.
  • Create a cushion by wrapping electrical tapes around the frame's legs or inserting old socks and shirts between your mattress and the frame. Avoiding friction could also help you in preventing the noise.
  • Ensure that you have an even floorboard or that the bed frame's legs touch the ground to decrease chances of wobbliness. A wobbling bed is also a noise potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get rid of the bed's squeaky noise?

There are several ways to address the issue of having a squeaky bed. But before you could start with any of these foolproof methods, you must first identify the source of the noise. Once you figured where the noise comes from, you may proceed with the steps to resolve it.

To get rid of the squeaky noise, you can check for some loose joints and tighten them. You may also create a buffer between the mattress and bed frame, lubricate the bolts, and ensure that the bed frame's legs evenly touch the ground. You can also use these methods on how to fix squeaky office chair if you have. 

When all else fails, you may resort to getting yourself a new bed frame. If you're using a box spring, it contains metal coils that will eventually wear off. In that case, it's difficult to make way how to fix a squeaky box spring and a bed frame replacement would be necessary.

I weigh 400 lbs, and I want a bed frame that doesn't make noise. What do you suggest?

The Aromustime Metal Platform Bed Frame is the ideal choice for heavy people. It is capable of withstanding a massive weight of up to 3000 pounds. The bed frame has nine sturdy legs, perfectly suitable for users who might need enhanced support and stability.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Olee Sleep Bed Frame stood out as the best overall product for its durability, capable of withstanding pressure from any kind of movement. The Zinus SmartBase relatively provides the best value for its exceptional quality at an affordable price.

I know that nothing could ever compensate for quality sleep. So, in summary, I hope these quiet bed frames in our list can help you make a well-informed buying decision. It could serve as your guide in choosing which one will best suit your needs and budget.

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