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6 Best Quiet Propane Generators For Home and RV Use (Powerful & Budget-Friendly Picks)

Yellow generator and propane tank

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

Tired of those irritating and loud generators?

While they are indispensable in areas with frequent breakouts as well as for those who are fond of camping and traveling, no one likes the noise.


For this purpose, companies have created many quiet propane generators that provide competent functioning without making any piercing noises. As propane is a clear-burning substance it will create proficient power without emitting any harmful fumes.

The Champion 3800W Dual Fuel Portable Generator is the best overall in my opinion but the others are just as well, so be sure to check them out as well.

Top Quietest Propane Generators Reviewed

There are a lot of such eco-friendly options in the market, you can find the quietest propane generators with relative ease. However, choosing the right one can be a bit difficult. And this is where this review comes in—to help you out.

1. Champion 3800W Dual Fuel Generator – Best Overall

Champion 3800W Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorThe Champion brand is known for its environment-friendly and low-noise products that are also highly efficient in performance. The Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel is an astonishing portable generator from the champion series that is one of the quietest propane generators.

While it uses a 20 pounder propane container, it can produce up to 4275 initial and 3240 running watts. 

It will keep on running for almost 20 hours, which is much longer when compared to all the other models. Moreover, it comes with an electrical push-button initiation.

The Champion 3800 is air-cooled and tends to sustain minimum operating temperature. It features both electric and recoil launches with low-oil shut-off machinery. This model is highly portable and is ready to travel having a 30 A RV outlet encompassing a huge amount of power.

It also has a Volt Guard built-in flow shield that can be quite handy if you plan on using it for your RV, i.e. it will save all the appliances.

The mechanism is entirely eco-friendly and reduces most of the uproar. The heavy engine of this model increases the overall weight but it can be handled without any worries because of the strong wheels for effective and stress-free transportation.


  • Touch Start Button to start the engine
  • Features quiet functioning
  • Sturdy Build
  • Hard-wearing material
  • Built-in flow shield


  • Can be a little heavy


This 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator would be a decent option to go for. as it provides a burst of power for all the home and RV machines.


2. Champion 3400W Portable Generator – Best Quietest

Champion 3400W Portable GeneratorChampion 3400W is a portable model and the quietest propane generator as it creates only 59 dBA of noise. This machine creates an immense power yield of 3400 watts but it is very inexpensive at the same time, pretty impressive, right?

Using a propane chamber of 20 pounds, the engine is capable of producing 3060 initial and 2790 running Watts. 

The engine will keep on running efficiently for almost 14 hours straight with only 25% load, and it can be attached to other generators in case of more power is required.

This moveable generator consists of a battery that can easily be utilized by an easy push-button start. Plus, a charger for battery maintenance and fast charging is also offered. Its lightweight body and stronger wheels make it amazing for portability, perfect for RVs and cabins.

The body is made up of highly durable material and specially designed to generate little or no noise that makes it an eco and user-friendly propane generator.


  • Creates clean electricity
  • Extremely quiet
  • Highly portable


  • Not remote controlled


If you want a propane generator that doesn't make much sound and is better for your surroundings the Champion 3400W would be the best option.


3. DuroMax XP4850EH Propane Generator – Best For Home

DuroMax XP4850EH Propane GeneratorDuroMax XP4850EH offers premium quality and performance, it is generator is worth your money as it offers both sturdiness and stability. 

This generator features a 201CC 4 stroke engine that can be used to power up all the electronics in your house for almost 4-5 hours.

It is capable of providing 3850 running while 4850W starting watts and will keep on running for almost 10 hours with 50% load with a 20 lbs. propane tank. Thus, it is perfect for big families with more power usage.

The best feature of DuroMax is that it makes lesser noise as compared to other generators on market.

It produces only 69 dB of noise that reaches 7 meters far that is the distinctive noise produced during conservation.

Without its wheels installed it takes up very little space and can be store conveniently. But you’ll have to install the wheels to move it around with ease.


  • Touch-start engine
  • It features quiet operation
  • Features dual-fuel technology
  • Durable material
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit heavy compared to others


DuroMax XP4850EH Propane Generator is a top-notch machine that is ideal for your home appliances. If you require a silent propane generator that provides a safe and direct connection to all of your devices without producing any annoying noises, this is it.


4. WEN 56203i Super Quiet Generator – Best Budget

WEN 56203i Super Quiet Inverter GeneratorWen Super Quiet generators ensure supplying tremendous power with the lowest noise level that is safe to use for your electrical devices. Having a noise rating of no more than 55 dB, it is considered one of the quietest generators on the market.

This generator features a defense mechanism that prevents any damage to your devices.

Wen generator is extremely lightweight yet made up of the most durable and long-lasting materials. It weighs almost 38lbs and comes with a handle that allows you to move it. 

It comprises an Eco-mode that automatically regulates fuel usage and increases the running time of the engine. 

The protection mechanism helps the engine fight against the buildup and potential blockage caused by fuel inside the carburetor. This guarantees durability and healthier functioning with a nominal need for repairs.

The user-friendly functions include accurately marked buttons on the dashboard that make it convenient to use. Its safe technology permits you to directly connect many of your devices to the engine without any worry.


  • Features an eco-mode technology
  • Creates clean and safe energy
  • Extremely reduced noise
  • Environmental-friendly


  • Little voltage production as compare to others


If you are looking for an affordable propane generator that offers the finest functioning and is environmental-friendly, then the WEN 56203i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator would be the best choice.


5. Westinghouse WGen 7500DF – Best Eco Friendly

Westinghouse WGen 7500DF GeneratorWestinghouse WGen 7500DF is powered by a 420cc, 4-stroke engine that is enclosed in an iron cast frame, which provides extra protection and stability. It is capable of providing 6750 running and 8550 initial watts for almost 11 hours with a 20 lbs propane container.

WGen can create sufficient energy to run all of your domestic devices, perfect for backup power. Plus, it contains an electronic touch start mechanism allowing it to initiate with a push-button along with wireless remote control. 

Equipped with a built-in gauge for fuel and an automatic lesser oil shutdown, it protects your appliances and generator outlets from any damages.

It is a reasonably priced device despite its various advantages.

Having a noise level of 74 dBA from 23 feet away, it can be a little noisy when compared to many other models on the market.


  • Remote control start
  • Touch start button
  • Finest quality material
  • Larger fuel tank


  • A bit heavy
  • A bit louder than the others


Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator is one of the best quietest and eco-friendly propane generators. If you want a machine that provides better performance and clean power, this would be the best option.


6. iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt – Best For RVs

A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt Portable Inverter GeneratorWorking at 2000 watts, iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt generator has an increased run-time making it a great choice for traveling. 

With a sound level of 58 dB, it is perfectly eco-friendly and will go easy on your ears. Thus it provides clean and quiet power. Plus, it is powered by a 79cc engine, which is perfect for outdoor use such as traveling and camping. 

It can also be used to power up the devices in your RV. It is a transportable model, providing the convenience of moving it around.

The power it produces is completely safe for all types of electronics and permits direct attachment of devices as well. This is because of the advanced inverter mechanism that it produces such fine energy without any annoying noise.


  • Doesn’t makes much noise
  • Compact body
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Best for outdoor usage


  • No remote control start


If you are looking for a quiet propane generator for RVs, then this machine would be the best choice. Its advanced technology ensures zero noise production, and it is both clean and safe.


What To Look For In A Quiet Propane Generator?

yellow generator and white propane tank

Power outages are highly unpredictable, thus it is better to be prepared beforehand. You might think of generators as a nuisance because they make a lot of rackets. 

But the new models are capable of reducing their sound down to an extent since people prefer quiet propane generators over loud ones.

However, selecting a suitable propane generator is not easy, and these are some of the essential factors to consider before buying a propane generator:

Output Power

This is an important attribute to think of before you buy a generator. That is because the output power of a generator will conclude the efficiency of the device. It will allow you to determine the functioning of a generator in case of a power shortage

The more output it creates, the more the number of appliances it can connect and charge.

The increased power of a generator will assist you in case of blackouts and also for outdoor usages such as when traveling and camping. 

Carefully, read through the quiet propane generators reviews (like the ones listed above) to get an idea of the power range of different generators. Pick out the one that provides desired power output.

Noise Level

Without any doubt, the noise level is a vital parameter to consider while purchasing a propane generator.

As these machines, like the quiet shop vac, have to be used in homes, camping sites, and RVs they should produce little or no noise. A generator producing lots of noise emits a negative effect on the environment and also causes noise pollution.

No one likes piercing and loud noises around them, thus you should select the model that has a minimum decibel value. 

You can learn about it by looking through the quietest propane generator reviews. But know that no generator is completely silent and that you should select the ones with the lowest noise rating.

Generator Run-Time

The next important attribute you should have in mind is the runtime of the generator. 

It is mainly the number of hours a generator can run on a specific amount of fuel. You must pick a machine that has an appropriate runtime and suits your other prerequisites.

If a generator is needed to power the whole house, it should have an increased run-time.

Mostly, a generator with at least 10-12 hours of run time is considered ideal for houses in case any power outage occurs.

As for RV devices, you don't require constant and direct power, thus a model with lower run-time (i.e. 6-8 hours) can also be used.

Electric Start Mechanisms

Recently, companies have been designing generators that are easily assessable. Most generators require a pull cord for their initiation but advanced models feature an electrical mechanism.

The touch start button allows you to conveniently start or turn off the machine with no hassle.


Orange generator with white tank behind

It is better to decide on a machine that can be moved around easily without any fuss—like a portable generator is preferred for outdoor usage i.e. exploring, camping, and in RVs. 

There are a lot of generators that feature strong wheels and are lightly weighted, thus are convenient to transport to different sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are propane generators quieter than gas?

A propane generator creates power by clean and safe burning of fuel and is harmless for the surroundings, thus it creates lesser noise if judged against a gas generator.

If you want to contrast propane vs gas generator noise, then the propane option is much quieter than that of a gas. The gas generators heat up very fast, and they create loud noises; this is not the case for propane generators.

2. How long do propane generators last?

The life span of a propane generator depends upon its upkeep and maintenance.

Normally, it will survive a minimum of 3 years, but it can last as long as 40 years as well.

3. Are propane generators more efficient?

In terms of efficiency, gas generators are more effective than propane. The propane generators yield lesser BTUs per gallon of fuel. However, propane is an improved and clean-burning fuel as contrasted to gas, it also creates safe and clean power.

Here's a demo on how gasoline generator differs from propane generators:

4. Do propane generators produce carbon monoxide?

As discussed before, propane is a clean-burning fuel, thus it doesn't produce any destructive gases and emits no harmful influences on the atmosphere. The propane generators produce a minor amount of carbon monoxide but this doesn’t have any negative effects.


Generators have become an essential need for people recently.

But it is also important to keep our surroundings healthy and safe. So you should try and prefer quiet propane generators as they are eco-friendly. They will help in time of need and also pose no threat to the environment, so win-win.

Now you are aware of the best quiet propane generators from which you can select the one that complements your necessities. The Champion 3800W Dual Fuel Portable Generator is the winner in my opinion as it provides better and silent functioning. 

Take time to check out the others as well and use our guide to identify the features you need.

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