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Quietest Air Rifles On The Market With Great Accuracy & Functionality For Backyard Use

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Last Updated: May 10, 2024

Tired of those rodents and squirrels lingering around in the backyard? Uses a rifle to hunt them down. Problem is, normal rifles tend to be loud, and using one can upset your neighbors.


A solution out of this would be to invest in a quiet air rifle or a quiet bb gun. In this article, we’ll be delving into some of the quiet air rifles you can choose to invest in.

Based on extensive research, we’ve found that Gamo Raptor Whisper is our top pick for the quietest air rifle you can find in the market.

The Top 4 Quietest Rifles Reviewed

1. Gamo Raptor Whisper – Best Overall

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle .22 Cal Kicking off our list, we have the Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle. Available in .22 and .177 Cal pellets, this rifle was specifically designed to maintain a 25% noise reduction using the state-of-the-art WHISPER noise reduction technology.

While that is good news for your neighbors, it is certainly bad news for the rodents and vermin in your backyard, since it’s less likely that they’ll get scared by the noise and run away.

Unlike conventional rifles, it comes with the fancy IGT (Inert Gas Technology) piston, which makes your shots faster while keeping vibrations minimal.

Oh, and it is also more durable than your traditional piston.

The Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is a new and improved version of the Gamo Silent Cat.

Its synthetic and all-weather material stock makes it sufficiently durable too.

The construction also features Gamo’s Smooth Action Trigger (SAT) technology, which tends to minimize jerky pulls thereby providing you with greater accuracy and minimal recoil.

Speaking of recoil, their Shock Wave Absorber rubber ventilated pad will serve to protect you from any recoil impact.


  • Minimal recoil yielding greater accuracy
  • Comes with additional mounts for moving targets
  • Overall great functionality


  • Hunting will primarily be limited to small animals only
  • You will probably outgrow the scope quite early on


All in all, if you’re looking to hunt down small animals, or get some shooting practice, (while going easy on your wallet) the sturdy and efficient Gamo Whisper Air should be your first choice.


2. Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock – Quietest Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock .22-Caliber PCP Air Rifle BP2264W This Wood Stock .177 caliber gun is the quietest air rifle on the market and only makes a ‘bonk’ sound when the trigger is pulled thanks to its noise-suppressing technology.

It is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifle, meaning that it uses highly pressurized air to discharge pellets. As the trigger is pulled, a fraction of the pressurized air escapes launching the pellet.

The compression can be done via a hand pump or using an accessory such as a compressor.

This inevitably results in greater accuracy than spring-piston or single-pump rifles.

Its shooting system features a 2-stage adjustable match-grade trigger system. This not only makes it easy to use, but it also provides you with a better aim.

It also includes a 10-shot repeater with the auto-indexing feature.


  • More accurate than most spring-piston rifles.
  • Noise suppression technology makes it very silent.
  • Capable of taking down larger animals like rabbits and skunks.


  • Tends to be quite pricey – almost double the price of the Raptor Whisper.
  • Pumping is quite slow unless a compressor is used.


If you’re someone who is not willing to make any compromise on the sound and looking to shoot some larger animals, the Benjamin Marauder will serve you well.


3. Hatsan Bullboss .22 Caliber – Best For Backyard Use

Hatsan Bullboss .22 CaliberThe Hatsan Bulboss is a powerful bullpup and one of the quietest pellet guns on our list.  Our research led us to acknowledge it as a silent pellet gun most suited for backyard use.

It is the ideal quiet pellet gun for squirrels since it works amazingly well within the 50-yard range.

It features the Hatsans Quiet Energy system that uses polymer baffles lined with cotton fabric to dampen noise.

It is equipped with the 2-Stage Quattro Trigger system. This makes it easy to adjust both the trigger travel and trigger level based on your needs.

It also uses a polymer grip stock and barrel materials. The choice of polymer makes it quite lightweight for anyone to use.


  • Adjustable tri-stage match trigger
  • Adjustable rubber butt pad and cheek rest
  •  Quiet Energy tech and built-in sound moderator reduces the rifle’s noise by up to 50%


  • Doesn’t come with a regulator
  • No storage capacity for extra magazines


The Hatsan Bullboss is a steal if you’re looking to hunt down those rodents and squirrels pestering around in your backyard. 


4. Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 – Best Balanced

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254 Air Rifles .177 3-9x4 Made for stealthy hunting and accurate shot placement; the Gamo Whisper Mach 1, this gold standard silent air rifle boasts state-of-the-art patents by Gamo.

It features the Whisper Fusion double integrated noise dampener which reduces noise by 89.5%.

It also comes with the Whisper Fusion sound moderator, which allows pellets to travel through two different chambers that combine to compress and prevent noise expansion, resulting in the quietest Gamo powerplant available.

Gamo’s IGT Mach 1 powerplant means that it delivers improved velocity and terminal strength relative to air rifles that don’t pack this technology.

To top it all, it has the 5-screw Recoil Reducing Rail system (RRR). As a result, the gun has solved the problem of slipping due to the inability to tight the rings down.

For ease of use, the gun also has an adjustable trigger on it. A shooter can choose to either use the second or the first stage of the trigger when aiming at their game.


  • Velocities up to subsonic speeds
  • It only weighs 6.6 pounds
  • Adjustable trigger so easy to use


  • Requires 41 pounds of force to cock it
  • Less accurate shot placements owing to high velocity


Overall, the Gamo Raptor Whisper Mach 1 is a hunter’s dream. Quiet and deadly, it is easy to use for both hunting and target practice making it the most balanced rifle on the list.


Factors When On The Hunt For A Quiet Air Rifle

If you’re exploring quiet air rifle reviews on the internet, you should keep the following factors into consideration:

What Is Your Intended Use?

Defining your objective is essential since you would want to invest in a rifle most suited to your needs.

Looking to hunt down vermins in your backyard? Or practicing that shooting over the weekend? Try to invest in a quiet pellet gun that will not disturb those living in the surrounding vicinity.

Want a rifle for competitive sports? Try not to compromise on perfection or accuracy.

Living in a place with harsh weather conditions? Look out for a weatherproof rifle.

Knowing what you need a rifle for, is the precursor to all the factors mentioned.

We’ve often seen people investing hundreds of dollars to purchase a quality air rifle, only to realize it did not fit their purpose. Hence, make sure this is the first thing you figure out.

What Caliber Options Do You Have?

air rifle with pellets

The choice of caliber dictates the size of the bullet that can be shot.

Generally, the lighter pellets offer greater accuracy and speed at the expense of power.

While a multitude of air pellets are available, the .177, .20, .22, and .25 are the most common choices.

If you’re a beginner and looking to learn how to operate a rifle, the .22 caliber is highly recommended. This caliber is not only light but is also quite cheap. It is also about 20% more powerful relative to .177 pellets.

If you’re looking to participate in a shooting competition, the .177 is a competitive option particularly in the 10-meter range because of its flat trajectory.

The .20 is a mixture of both speed and power. Therefore, it can be used both for small-scale hunting and shooting.

If you want to shoot down larger animals, the .125 would be a suitable choice.

What Is Your Desired Shooting Velocity?

Every rifle will have a maximum velocity parameter, and the choice will depend on your intended use.

The speed of the rifle; usually measured in fps (feet per second), is dependent upon the caliber.

Note that the fps mentioned is the maximum velocity possible so don’t expect most shots to reach that velocity.

A variety of factors influence the fps such as the wind speed, elevation, temperature, and most importantly, the pellet weight.

If you’re someone looking for that speed, the Gamo Magnum would be a perfect match for you. Gamo boasts a maximum velocity of 16050 fps for the Magnum’s .177 caliber variant.

However, unusually high speeds such as on the Magnum come at an expense of accuracy.

Don’t buy a faster rifle especially if you’re a beginner. While that may garner you some bragging rights for a while, you will probably struggle in getting the shot right.

What Are The Power Sources Available?

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP), spring-piston, gas-piston, and CO2 are the four most common power sources available for rifles.

For most circumstances, we’d like to recommend PCP rifles over the rest.

PCP rifles are the most powerful air rifles. Moreover, they offer almost no recoil making them well suited for beginners as well as the elderly.

This makes it the most sought out after source in the market.

However, they do require additional gear to recharge the tank and tend to be quite expensive.

If budget is an issue, go for spring-piston rifles which are also self-contained unlike PCP’s.

They are also the quietest pellet guns.

However, note that these will be relatively heavier than PCP rifles.

If you’re still confused between the two, the video below will offer greater insight to help you make an appropriate choice.

How Heavy Is Your Wallet?

In any case, the budget will be a critical factor in deciding what you end up going with.

Even though they’ve grown considerably cheaper over the years, rifles are expensive products.

Note that the best-silenced air rifles will tend to be expensive.

However, provided that you’re aware of the reason for purchasing a quiet air rifle, and you’ve done your homework, you can get a decent gun without breaking the bank.

Choice Of Pellets For Your Air Rifle

While this doesn’t fall directly under the factors influencing your rifle purchase, it is nevertheless an important consideration to account for.

Even if you purchase the fastest, most powerful rifle with state-of-the-art technology, a wrong pellet choice can render it useless.

While there are multiple pellet options you can choose from we’ll only touch a few of the important ones.

For casual shooting in your backyard, the wadcutter pellet will serve the purpose. It is accurate and affordable and is ideal for short shooting ranges.

For pest control, the domed pellets are a worthy choice. They offer plenty of knockdown power and can maintain velocities even at long ranges.

You can also consider hollow point pellets due to their one-shot-kill capabilities. These pellets are also recommended in case you want to hunt down large animals such as deers provided that you don’t shoot them from a very large distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

air rifle pellets in a tin

What Makes An Air Rifle Quiet?

It is first important to understand what makes an air rifle noisy in the first place. It is the release of the high-pressure air as the pellet is launched that generates the noise.

The power source is the governing factor that decides how quiet an air rifle ought to be.

Spring piston guns use the smallest amount of high-pressure air and are the quietest air pistols.

What Is The Quietest Air Rifle In The Market?

Based on our research, the Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock is the quietest air rifle available thanks to its noise suppression technology. It comes with a barrel that is fully shrouded, which further reduces its noise levels.

In fact, its internal shroud is termed as the de-pinger as it drastically dampens down the sharp ping of the gun.

What Is The Quietest .22 Air Rifle?

Again, the Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock reigns supreme in the .22 air rifle category.

What Is The Quietest .177 Air Rifle?

The quietest .177 air rifle is the Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1.

It features the Whisper Fusion double integrated noise dampener which reduces the report by 89.5%.

It also comes with the Whisper Fusion sound moderator that causes pellets to travel through two separate chambers which then combine. This compresses the sound and prevents noise expansion.

The Bottom Line

Based on our analysis, the Gamo Raptor Whisper would be the best quiet air rifle and well worth the investment.

Its Inert Gas Technology is a major upgrade over the spring piston technology as it dampens vibrations significantly. It offers tremendous speed (1300 fps in .177) and is sufficiently durable too. It is also one of the quietest pellet guns you can find in the market.

If you were looking to purchase a quiet air rifle, we hope you have a clearer understanding of the options available as well as the factors you should consider beforehand.

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