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Refrigerator Compressor Noise: Quick Fix With Soundproofing Materials To Reduce Loud Sound

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Last Updated: May 12, 2024

In this day and age, there are a plethora of technological advancements taking place now and then. 

That, being the case...

People get choosy when it comes to buying home appliances since they want to minimize the hassle of repairing or returning them in case of faults. You buy a refrigerator and the last thing you would want is that it turns out to be loud and noisy.

Sometimes, this rattle and buzz created by your appliance can cause significant damage to your hearing ability too. 

The Three Basic Components Of A Fridge

white fridge with fruits

If your refrigerator makes noise, take a closer look at three basic elements of your appliance: the condenser fan, compressor, and defrost timer.

If the condenser fan is covered with dust, it is natural to hear a hissing sound throughout the day.

To deal with this, simply unplug the refrigerator and locate the condenser fan. Use a soft brush and carefully clean every blade of the fan until no sign of dirt remains. However, if there is no dirt, you need to change the motor of the fan.

Similarly, a noisy compressor is a signal of bad fridge maintenance. You must replace it as soon as possible. The noise being produced normally indicates bad gas maintenance or high-pressure presence inside the fridge. 

If you figure out that the defrost timer is at fault and making the noise, the best idea is to completely replace that piece before any further damage is done to your appliance.  

Ways To Reduce The Noise Of A Refrigerator Compressor

Having talked about this, let us talk about how to make a refrigerator quieter. 

1. Figure Out The Cause Of Noise

The first step to reducing the refrigerator noise is to identify what is causing it to make the sound. In this case, you must check for floor vibrations. 

If the appliance is not positioned evenly on the floor, you will often hear a vibration noise. You should make sure that the legs of the fridge sit on the same floor level.

You can place a thick rubber mat beneath the fridge. This is done to absorb the vibrations being produced. Alternatively, you can put anti-vibration pads under the legs of your fridge. It will help you better quiet the noisy refrigerator compressor if you use the two methods together. 

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

If you are looking for a cheaper solution, this might be the right approach to go for.

However, if your fridge is evenly placed on the floor, then you might not want to buy a thick rubber mat or anti-vibration pads to reduce the noise of your refrigerator compressor since the cause of the problem will be different.

2. Use Acoustic Foam

black acoustic foam

The refrigerator compressor noise is very annoying and you can use acoustic foam to tackle that effectively. Refrigerator noise reduction is our focus and this foam is one of the most efficient noise-absorbing materials in the market. 

They can reduce the refrigerator compressor noise by 50-90%.

You must make sure that the back of the fridge touches these panels so that the sound the appliance makes is trapped or damped in the acoustic panels placed behind. 

In this manner, you can turn your piece of technology into something like the “soundproofing refrigerator technique” and help you to find out an answer to how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.

The role of these deadeners is double: they absorb the annoying sound coming from your fridge to a great extent and dampen the vibrations coming from the refrigerator’s compressor too. Soundproofing a refrigerator has become a must now.

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

You might want to opt for this solution if you have easy access to buying acoustic foam and using it. However, acoustic foam is porous and does not always block sound as effectively as 50-90%.

Hence, some sound might pass through it and this could be a hurdle to how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.

3. Clean The Fans And The Compressor

Many times, a simple solution is the most reliable and efficient. Cleaning the dust or dirt on the fan and the compressor of the fridge helps a lot to reduce the refrigerator compressor noise. 

This is a recommended maintenance practice because a clean fridge is likely to be quiet compared to a dirty one.

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

If you are good at cleaning and maintaining your household appliances, this solution might be your first choice.

However, this approach might not work for you if the noise your fridge makes is due to a functional problem.

4. Construct A Wooded Housing And Place The Fridge Accordingly

Building a wooden encasement will do us a great favor. Simply put the appliance in that wooden structure. However, you must make sure not to cover the entire wooden frame, i.e. leave the sides open. This is very important for the ventilation imperative for the fridge.

The uncovered side can also be used to add soundproofing materials, such as acoustic foam panels, etc.

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

This method might work for you as it combines multiple techniques to reduce the refrigerator noise, such as constructing a wooden structure, using acoustic foam and panels, etc.

However, if you cover all the sides of the wooden structure by mistake, there would not be enough ventilation for the fridge and the issue will worsen further.

5. Keep A Good Number Of Items In The Fridge

refrigerator full of vegetables and fruits

To reduce refrigerator noise, make sure to fill the appliance with different items. An empty container makes the most and loudest noise. 

The reason behind filling the fridge with many items is that this stabilizes the refrigerator and it does not turn on and off frequently since it has a decent amount of material to take care of.

Get multiple containers and fill them with water. Afterward, put them inside the appliance and experience yourself to what extent this reduces refrigerator noise. 

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

This solution might be right for you if you have sufficient space in your fridge to keep additional items. However, if you already have a good number of items in your appliance, perhaps this technique might not work for you.

6. Apply Soundproofing Inside The Fridge

Perhaps, soundproofing is one of the best ways to quiet the noisy refrigerator compressor, if not perfectly. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) to cover the inside of the appliance. This material has been tested as a reliable resource and one of the most effective at reducing airborne sounds.

Sometimes, inside proofing might not be sufficient; you need to locate and cover the motor with MLV too. This would act as a refrigerator compressor sound blanket.

You can also place the MLV beneath the fridge and attach some to the wall behind the refrigerator. This can potentially help to reduce a significant amount of noise. 

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

Mass Loaded Vinyl is generally an effective, flexible, and affordable product for soundproofing if used correctly. However, a plain MLV will just block the noise. You must buy MLV that is combined with other raw materials so that it can block and absorb the sound the fridge makes.

7. Hire A Professional To Repair The Faults

The most tried and tested method is to get an expert repairer’s help. Go for this approach if all other methods have failed. 

The expert’s opinion matters since it is their job and they will find the root cause of the problem.

You must have good negotiation skills to strike a deal within a reasonable budget. Just be mentally prepared for incurring a high-cost repair. You can click on the link to find the best repair services near you.

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

This solution can work for you as a professional expert can instantly figure out the reason behind the noise your refrigerator’s compressor makes.

However, this approach might not work for you if the person you hire does not have a command of their work. This could make things even more complicated.

8. Last Resort- Buy A New Fridge

To make a refrigerator quieter, replace it if you can. If the rubber hits the road, break the bank and purchase a new refrigerator. 

Keep in mind to buy the latest model that makes the least noise. Plus, you can watch the video below to find reviews on top refrigerators of 2021 to find the best solution for your home. 

Why This Solution Might Be/ Might Not Be Right For You

This solution might work for you if you are able to buy a top-quality appliance, free of faults, at a reasonable price. However, this approach might backfire if you do not possess sound knowledge about the latest technology and get frauded by the seller. 

Frequently Asked  Questions (FAQs)

My 5-year-Old Fridge Started Making Noise When I Close It, What Can Be The Problem?

If your fridge makes noise when you close it, the sound is most likely caused by a faulty refrigerator evaporator fan motor. A refrigerator or evaporator fan stops running when the doors are open. Listen carefully if the sound stops when you open the doors. 

Is There An Easy Way To Stop The Refrigerator From Making That Odd Sound Every Now And Then?

Yes, there are multiple ways to stop the refrigerator from making that odd sound every now and then. Some of them have been discussed above, such as level out the legs, put the fridge on a mat, soundproof the refrigerator, clean the condenser and fan, etc. Apart from this, you can also use white noise sounds too.

Should The Ref's Compressor Be Replaced When It Becomes Noisy?

Typically fridges last ten to fifteen years before running into serious problems. Replacing a compressor when you have only a year or two left might not be the best decision. Sometimes, replacing the compressor can cost you half as much as the refrigerator itself. If your appliance is already high-quality and a bit expensive, then it is worth replacing the compressor.


You have already encountered a great deal of trouble. The best way to handle a problem is to overhaul it completely. Buying a new fridge does not only mean that you have moved past the previous problem but will now be able to focus on better projects apart from the home appliance.

Before deciding which model to buy, visit the market and check for which company is selling the top quality model, in line with the trend, at a reasonable rate. Also, set a good budget to get yourself a good fridge.

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