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How To Make Your PS4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart: A Complete & Easy To Follow Guide

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Last Updated: May 11, 2024

Hey, there fellow gamer!

Has your PS4 been producing unnecessary noise while you play?


While some soft noise under 60 decibels might be normal, if you find yourself playing with a whirring, rattling, or loud noise that doesn’t subside, then there’s some fixing to do.

Good thing you’ve found this article!

We’ll make sure to answer questions such as “what are the ways to make a PS4 quieter” and “how to make PS4 quieter without taking it apart”.

Targeting Problem Area: What Is Producing The Noise And Why?

“I want to make my PS4 quieter” is not specific enough of a problem to generate a safe and effective solution.

It is more than crucial for you to know the root of all the noise and make sure you won’t be using the right solution for the wrong problem. 

A Weakened Cooling Fan

Most of the time, when a PS4 produces unnecessary noise, the centrifugal cooling fan inside it is the culprit.

A cooling fan’s job is to rid the appliance of heat when functioning. This makes it prone to breaking down, loosening up, or not adequately functioning over time.

If your PS4 produces a rattling noise when fired up or shuts down out of nowhere and overheats, you can be sure that the issue is from its cooling fan.

Dust Accumulation

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It sure is easy to say that your PS4 is squeaky clean and dustproof with a simple wipe of cloth over its exterior.

However, when it comes to the internal of your PS4, you might be surprised how much dust is residing inside.

This is, of course, inevitable. Dust is all around us, and some components of the console like the cooling fan and motherboard attract it naturally.

When its internal is full of dust, it tends to strain its components into functioning. Whirring sounds, overheating, and weak functioning are the effects of a console’s dusty internal. 

Loose Parts

Within a certain amount of time, your console’s parts and the shell will loosen up. Of course, this would happen sooner if you often overuse it.

Once you hear it producing loud rattling noises that don’t end until you turn it off, then it’s time to tighten things up.

High Game Graphics

What’s a PS4 without the beautiful graphics of your games?

However, the better graphics you play on your PS4 the higher the demand its processors go through.

Most of the time, even when they’re compatible, a game’s graphics can push your processors to the limit and cause multiple issues. It can overheat, weaken, slow down, and worse comes to worst, break.

Instances like these cause the console to produce loud buzzing noises that only quiet down when you change the game. 

An Overworked Disc Drive

Issues with a console’s disc drive aren’t as usual as the others discussed above, however, this may be the noisiest of all.

These issues typically occur when games are installed improperly or when the drive is corrupted.

When these instances go out of hand, two things can happen. Either your hard drive begins to minimize and slowly weakens or it will demand the fan to spin faster than necessary.

These will cause your PS4 to produce a loud whining noise that will only get louder over time and will not subside unless you shut the console down. 

How To Make A PS4 Quieter In Different Ways

Proper Ventilation

When you play on your console non-stop or make use of high-graphics games, its tendency is to overheat and make its cooling fans spin faster than necessary.

Like any appliance, your PS4’s main necessity is a proper and well-ventilated area to avoid overheating.

The easiest solution to this is to place your console somewhere else. Preferably, a place with proper airflow and ventilation. Never put a PS4 in a cabinet or an enclosed space for space-saving reasons.

Enough space around it is necessary too, it should not be blocked or covered by anything at all. Make sure that no object is near it within an 11-centimeter radius.

Positioning your console vertically is also a great solution to this issue. This keeps both its side vents (for air intake) and rear vents (for heat release) as open as possible.

man playing in ps4

Fixing System Issues

Often times the internal parts produce noise, but we don’t always want to take the risk of opening it up. Here’s an answer to your question on how to make PS4 quieter without taking it apart.

Corrupted and mishandled disk drives will eventually break down and stop functioning. The loud whining noise it makes when functioning is a signal that it is on its way to breakage.

Sure, system issues can be set aside, but this time they need to be fixed if you want to keep your PS4. Take some time to thoroughly search it for errors, viruses, and areas that need fixing.

Deleting some unused and unnecessary files on your way would be great too. And if there is no observable difference with its performance, then it is time to reinstall the entire PS4 system software. 

Working On The Internal

Before doing anything with your PS4’s internal, make sure you have familiarized yourself with its parts and specifications for a safer process.


To start working on your console’s internal, you first need to open it up and disassemble it, PROPERLY.

Before doing so, it’s best to check if your console is less than a year old. If it is, you can send it for warranty service. This will save you the time, effort, and risk of damaging the console.

Now if its warranty is expired, you can go ahead and flip the console upside down. Remember that the console should be slaying flat on its back and not in some angular position.

Remove the warranty sticker and underneath you’ll find its screws. You’ll need a T8 or a T9 screwdriver for this; unscrew counterclockwise.

Carefully loosen and remove the screws and make sure you’ll remember what goes where.

Begin to carefully remove the bottom half cover, making sure nothing is attached to it. From there, you’ll be seeing its vents. 


Using a soft microfiber cloth, wipe off any dust on the metal casing. Make sure to never use a brush in any part of the console.

You can use either canned air or a handheld vacuum cleaner for the next step.

Using Canned Air

Canned air is undeniably safer than making sure of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. The only precaution you have to keep in mind is to never blow air into the disc drive, this can cause damage to its system.

Keeping the can in an upright position, clean the openings and the vents of the console navigating towards the cooling fan. It is best to do this outside.

Try and pull out any thick dust particles from the USB ports and blow some air into them. Then, flip your console and focus on blowing dust out on the rest of the ports. 

Using A Handheld Vacuum

A handheld vacuum is another way to get the dust out effectively, but it is not the safest thing to use on a console.

Make sure what you’ll be using is a handheld vacuum and not a full-sized or heavy-duty model. Too much suction and fast airflow could dismantle and cause damage to the delicate parts of your console.

Using the lowest setting, repeat the process above. Starting with the openings, the vents, the cooling fan, and ending with the ports. Remember to not go near any delicate parts like the motherboard or the hard disk.

Replacement Of Parts

If cleaning is not enough to quiet down your console, then maybe it is time to replace its parts.

The parts you’ll be replacing here is the fan, the thermal paste, or the hard disk. It is best to only go for the fan as it is often the root of the noise.

However, if this does not suffice, you can bring your PS4 to an expert to have its thermal paste and hard drive replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Replace The Loud Fan Of A PS4?

Yes, indeed you can.

A console’s noise often roots from its faulty cooling fan. And when the fan is the culprit, a PS4 loud fan fix without opening it is impossible.

This is why there are numerous cooling fans for sale online, you just have to buy a model that is compatible with your PS4 and learn the proper way to replace its fan.

If you don’t wish to take risks, you can bring it to a professional or send it for a warranty repair if possible.

Before replacing a loud fan of a PS4, you might want to try this first:

Is There A Fix To Quiet The Noise Of A PlayStation 4?

Fixing your PS4 to lessen the noise it produces requires you to identify first what is causing the noise and why. From there, you can target the right area and learn the proper solution for the issue.

There are multiple solutions to a noisy PS4 depending on the root of the problem. Some of these are proper ventilation, fixing its system issues, cleaning its internal, and replacing its parts.

Make sure that you learn the right process of these solutions and use the correct tools for safe and effective fixing.

Is It Safe To Cover The PS4 With A Thick Cloth While Using It To Reduce The Noise?

As discussed above, consoles require proper ventilation and good airflow. Covering it with a thick cloth might reduce the noise, but it is neither a solution nor good for your PS4.

A thick cloth can prohibit ventilation and airflow causing it to overheat and break over time. 

Finishing Remarks 

We’re hoping the set of steps and solutions in this article has helped on how to make your PS4 quieter.

If you’ve tried everything and you still find yourself playing with a noisy console, then it is time to gift yourself a new one.

Like all appliances, consoles like PS4s too have their lifespan, and once it is reached, there’s no other solution but to replace it.

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