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Best Curtains For Noise Reduction: A Quick Review Of Famous Picks For Sound Dampening

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Last Updated: May 10, 2024

Soundproofing your surroundings could be one of the most important things when decorating your space or making some home improvements.


Most homeowners find it confusing to choose the best sound dampening curtains out of the many ones they find online today.

So, here's why I'm covering several of the famous best-selling curtains and a quick buying guide.

Let's see what features brought the Nicetown High-End Thermal Curtains to my top spot as the best overall product.

The Best Soundproof Curtains Of 2024

1. Nicetown High-End Thermal Curtains – Best Overall

NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains, Full Blackout Curtains 84 inches Long for Dining Room, Soundproof Window Treatment Drapes for Hall Room, Black, 52 inches Wide Per Panel, Set of 2 Panels

Those looking for the best sound dampening curtains will always find this one from Nicetown on the list. It is a heavyweight curtain that comes in various colors and sizes, offering quick and easy installation.

The curtain features an impressive triple weave technology, which is why it works excellently in reducing noise and blocking UV rays.

Moreover, you have the option to hang it from rings and hooks if you wish to add more length to the curtain's fabric.

I believe Nicetown has all the right reasons to claim that it is thermal, considering the curtain's capability to maintain the temperature within a room. I likewise find this thermal feature pretty remarkable; it could help you save on your energy bill.


  • Reduces noise effectively
  • Energy-saving temperature control feature
  • Blocks damaging UV rays
  • Luxurious look
  • Wide range of color variety
  • Matches any decor


  • Colors not as vivid as the online photos
  • Not perfectly noise-reducing
  • Quite wrinkly
  • Pretty heavy


Nicetown delivers such an exceptional quality, which is why, understandably, this item is among the best noise-canceling curtains today. In addition, the curtain boasts its fine, soft material, which by the way, is also machine washable, so maintaining its cleanliness couldn't be so hard.


2. Rutterllow Blackout Curtains – Best Value

Rutterllow Blackout Curtains for Bedroom, Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains 2 Panels for Living Room, Grommet Top (42x63 Inch, Black)

Rutterflow helps users achieve a dim and quiet space, earning its reputation as one of the best noise-canceling curtains in the market nowadays.

Moreover, it protects your valuable pieces of furniture from fading by blocking at least 95% of sunlight and durable enough for long-term use.

Another best thing about this curtain is how it helps users achieve quality sleep since it doesn't merely darken your room but entirely blacken it out.

Like the Nicetown Thermal Curtain, the Rutterflow similarly comes in a two-panel package with top-grommet designs.

Relatively inexpensive than most brands, Rutterflow offers the best value in reducing the amount of sound transmission that goes through windows and doors. It is undeniably an excellent solution for soundproofing your room in style.


  • Remarkable heat insulation
  • Easy installation
  • Three-layered fabric
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Durable polyester material


  • Quite thin
  • See-through design
  • Lighter shades don't block the light entirely
  • Some creases from the packaging


Aside from its noteworthy features, the Rutterflow curtain offers straightforward installation, thanks to its top-grommet design. It works best to keep the noise out and create a peaceful environment for you at a fraction of a cost.


3. Nicetown Curtain Panels – Best In Wide Compatibility

NICETOWN Patio Blind Blackout Curtain Panels - Extra Wide Curtains, Sliding Door Insulated Drape, Soundproof Room Divider Curtains (Cappuccino, 100 x 95 Inch)

This Blackout Curtain Panels from Nicetown is proof that having the best noise-reducing curtains doesn't need to be costly.

It does so well what Nicetown curtains always do best: controlling the light that comes in your room and absorbing the noise.

It boasts a unique design that perfectly matches any home decor and is ideal for light sleepers and those sleeping in broad daylight. Conveniently pre-ironed and thread trimmed means less work for you since you can use these soundproof drapes right out of the package.

I'm sure you'd also appreciate how these curtain panels are machine washable, making them a lot easier to maintain. In addition, this curtain features a premium material with a microfiber thermal coating, helping you lower your electric bills and keep you comfortable all day long.


  • Sturdy material
  • Alleviates noise
  • Obstructs light
  • Maintains room temperature
  • Widely compatible with any home decor


  • Light-colored curtains may not have an optimal darkening effect
  • Not wrinkle-free anymore after washing
  • Some dimensions run smaller than the actual size


This Nicetown model is undoubtedly among the best noise reduction curtains you can find. It perfectly combines style and functionality, yet you can still get it at a decent price range, depending on the size.


4. H.Versailtex Blackout Curtains – Best Aesthetics

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains 100 x 108 Inches for Sliding Door Extral Wide Blackout Curtain Panels Thermal Insulated Room Divider - Grommet Top, 9' Tall by 8.5' Wide - Orange Ochre

Another leading name in the best noise blocking curtains today is this impressive Blackout Curtains model from H.Versailtex. It is a heavyweight curtain that comes in three varying lengths and with several vibrant color options.

The curtain can excellently block the light so you can enjoy a noontime nap comfortably since it features an interwoven microfiber fabric construction.

Likewise, this same feature is why you could have a relaxing afternoon, as it effectively absorbs outside noise.

Unlike most sound insulating curtains in the market, you can purchase this model from H.Versailtex in individual panels. These curtain panels come with sturdy metal grommets and well-made stitches with no loose threads and conveniently wrinkle-free.


  • Microfiber polyester material
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Versatile enough to use as a room divider
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Well-made stitches with no loose threads
  • Vibrant color options


  • Less than optimal blackout capabilities
  • Pretty heavy


These curtains don't have the same blackout capabilities as the other products we have reviewed. However, they can obstruct enough light to keep your room cool and comfortable. They're also adequately sized to provide more coverage for large windows and doors.


5. Lordtex Blackout Curtain – Best In Durability

LORDTEX Dark Grey Room Divider Curtains - Total Privacy Wall Room Divider Screens Sound Proof Wide Blackout Curtain for Living Room Bedroom Patio Sliding Door, 1 Panel, 8.3ft Wide x 7ft Tall

This Lordtex model continues to be among the best sound-reducing curtains for its exceptional blackout properties without compromising style. Additionally, Lordtex offers this curtain in an impressive range of colors; you will receive it in two panels with six elegantly-looking grommets.

This blackout curtain seems ideal for people who wish to match it to their home decor effortlessly. Those with darker colors work well in blocking out light effectively, protect your belongings from sun damage, and help you get a shut-eye even in daylight.

Lordtex can essentially balance the room temperature or even regulate it, preventing too much heat or cold from getting into your room.

Furthermore, cleaning comes in handy with this curtain since it's machine washable with cold water. You may even iron it in low heat when necessary.


  • Premium quality polyester
  • Easy to wash
  • Regulates temperature
  • Energy-saving
  • Protects from sun damage
  • Minimizes noise


  • Too thin
  • Not 100% soundproof


The impressive durability of polyester is what I like best about Lordtex. It can soften the ray of sunlight without obstructing the view in your room. In addition, the curtain matches well with any aesthetics or home decor.


6. Deconovo Curtains – Best Thermal Insulation

Deconovo Curtains Blackout Long Light Blocking Soundproof Curtains Double Layer Grommet Bedroom Curtains 2 Panel Sets for Sliding Glass Door 52x90 Inch Turquoise Set of 2

If you're looking for the best curtains for noise reduction, this Deconovo Soundproof Curtains is one of them. With the thermally-insulated polyester material that allows it to absorb sound, it is no wonder that this is one of the top blackout noise-reducing curtains.

It comes in varying sizes and neutral colors, in the package is a two-panel set with six silver grommets. These grommets offer you quick and hassle-free installation since you can conveniently use them for sliding the curtain over the pole instead of using clips.

Moreover, the curtain features a remarkable triple weave technology for efficient thermal insulation and the blackout protection you need.

The thermal property can additionally be an energy-saving feature that could save you your hard-earned money.


  • Highly efficient heat and cold insulation
  • Offers more privacy
  • Top-grommet design
  • Block out UV rays
  • Machine washable
  • Naturally dust-resistant material


  • Very lightweight to absorb a good amount of sound
  • Limited size option
  • Lighter colors hardly block out light


I can hardly imagine an even better deal than this curtain that can reduce noise and direct sunlight. Further, this Deconovo model correspondingly offers many vibrant colors, features a three-ply construction, and can help in significantly reducing electric bills.


7. Yakamok Curtains – Best Light-Blocking Curtain

Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains 84 Inches Long, 2 Thick Layers Heat and Full Light Blocking Soft Thermal Insulated Drapes for Bedroom(52" Wide Each Panel, Grey, 2 Panels)

If you think that finding a curtain having the same color on both sides is a rare occurrence, then you should give Yakamok a second look. Yakamok features two layers of fabric that can effectively block out the light, and it's one of the curtains that block sound pretty impressively.

Many of its users love how this curtain allows them a peaceful sleep even in broad daylight. It can even help you cut the cost of your energy bill in a non-toxic way.

Hence, when you check a soundproof curtain review, it is not surprising to frequently see this among the best sellers.

In addition to their light-blocking capabilities, these curtains can prevent UV rays from causing premature aging to your floors and pieces of furniture. They're machine washable, too, for your convenience in keeping them clean and even sport a stylish look with soft, wrinkle-free fabric.


  • Offers UV protection
  • Available in vivid, standout colors
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Sound absorbing
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Durable and elegant-looking grommets


  • Inconsistencies in the actual color from online images
  • Peculiar, out of package smell


Yakamok's triple-weave material works exceptionally in helping you maintain your desired room temperature, whether it's hot or cold air. Besides, it absorbs outside noise, keeps the light away, and has an elegant look, so I guess this is worth trying after all.


Blackout Curtains Effectively Minimizing Noise: Fact Or Myth?

bedroom with curtains

Generally, a blackout curtain is a single layer of fabric with the considerable addition of light-blocking or darkening layers, making it weigh more than ordinary curtains. Therefore, it can absorb the noise of passing cars, loud music, or playing kids around the neighborhood.

Aside from dampening the sound, such curtains can also minimize echoes and reverberations.

So, if you worry that the best sound dampening curtains you see in the market are merely hype, you might want to reconsider. It's okay to go ahead and invest in a good one with confidence.

It may not be as effective as a soundproof window that can considerably reduce a decibel level in your room, but these curtains could help. These soundproofing curtains are a straightforward solution in making any sound die down a lot faster.

Keep in mind these other factors that may also affect your goal of canceling the noise in your surroundings:


All of the best noise-canceling curtains you see online and even in retail stores have different materials. The best ones that work for this specific purpose of sound absorption are those with extra layers of fiber or velvet, suede, and of course, polyester.

Those curtains with thin materials can hardly protect you from outside noise. Remember that to save yourself from disappointment; it's best to know that these curtains may not be entirely soundproof. However, they work best in significantly dampening or reducing noise.


Besides the fabric type, a curtain's density can also affect its sound dampening capabilities.

A dense material may not work magic in transforming a room into complete silence, but it can absorb sound waves that can quiet down your surroundings.

With this in mind, know that the more density you can place between the window and your room, the better results you can expect. Curtains that have a significant amount of density work a lot better than using thin curtains. It is also helpful if you're thinking about how to break a window quietly in case of an emergency.


long yellow curtains

Sufficient coverage is also another essential factor in soundproofing. Tightly woven curtains that go all the way from the ceiling down to the floor work optimally in absorbing sound in your space.

It's also a brilliant idea to seal it around the sides to cover as many air gaps as possible.

For this reason, you would need to determine the correct size of curtains you would need before purchasing them. Besides, they need to cover the space around the window for you to achieve the best results.

Try to allow your drapery to hang at least three inches longer and wider on the sides of your window to minimize air movement so that less noise will come through.

Other Soundproofing Tips

If you wish to know about some alternatives in soundproofing your space, here's a short video you can watch:

You may combine these acoustic panels or foams with the best soundproofing curtains you can find today to create a peaceful, distraction-free environment. Using latex-based caulk or sealants can also obstruct unnecessary airflow and minimize the noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Sound Deadening Curtains Best For?

Not everyone might need sound-dampening curtains, but light sleepers and those sleeping during the daytime will appreciate having them. Of course, if you also live in a busy suburban area or in places where highways are nearby, you'd also need the best soundproof curtains.

What Is The Best Fabric For Soundproofing?

Polyester, velvet, suede, burlap, and even wool are some of the best choices when opting to soundproof your space. These kinds of materials can block out the noise and allow sound to blend into the surroundings.

Curtains with thermal insulation also work best for this purpose since it has the characteristics that help it absorb noise effectively. You will most likely notice these thermal liners in blackout curtains; aside from reducing the noise, they can also maintain room temperature.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Soundproof Curtains?

Not all products are equal, and the same thing applies when you're looking for the best sound dampening curtains. Hence, some of the things you should look out for when checking out similar curtains include the overall size, material, and weight.

You might also want to consider using curtain rods that bear the ability to cancel out the noise. It includes wrap-around rods that prevent gaps at the edges and double rods to enhance the layering in your curtains.

The use of ceiling-mount brackets can also produce a favorable outcome by allowing floor-to-ceiling coverage that increases the soundproofing capability of your curtains.

Do Thick Curtains Block Out Noise Or Noise Cancellation?

Thicker and heavier curtains can provide you with better sound absorption. Consequently, a denser material has more pores that can trap sound waves and works best in muting the noise in your space.

Therefore, extra-thick materials function perfectly as an additional sound barrier to soundproof rooms from outside noise. They may not block out all noise, but they offer a higher degree of absorption than thin materials.

Why Size Is Great For Noise-reducing Curtains?

The appropriate curtain length and width is crucial to ensure that it will perfectly fit the size of your window. Moreover, the most suitable curtain to use for noise reduction should have enough coverage from the ceiling to the floor.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Nicetown Thermal Curtains stood out as my best overall for its stylish look that will match any interior perfectly and its noise-reducing feature.

Relatively, the Rutterllow Blackout Curtains provide the best value for being a functional addition for any household.

I know how living in a space full of distractions can cause discomfort and might lead to unproductivity. Thus, I hope that this best-seller list and comprehensive buying guide will help you choose an easy solution for a noise-free environment.

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