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Best Washer & Dryer Anti-Vibration Pads: Preventing Machine From Skidding & Walking Around

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Last Updated: May 12, 2024

You're a few pages away from the climax of a newly-purchased book when all of a sudden, your washer starts making loud noises.

Annoying, right?

So, now you think of investing in the best anti-vibration pads for your washing machine. But what should you look out for if you plan to buy one according to your needs?

If this is your question, read on and discover how the Vibrafix Anti-Walking Pads stood out as the best overall product. Let's take a closer look at this washing machine vibration dampener and other best-sellers before you start shopping for one.

2024 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads Review

1. Vibrafix Anti-Walking Pads – Best Overall

Washer anti vibration anti walking pads These pads from Vibrafix are outstanding in providing stability, which is why they are among the best washer anti-vibration pads you can find today. Each pad features a sturdy rubber base that can help in reducing your washer's vibration effectively.

Aside from reduced vibration, these pads can also keep your washer from walking around while in use.

When you purchase this set, you will get four rubber foot covers that you can effortlessly install in your washer's legs.

Each Vibrafix pad has a unique measurement of 3-inch diameter and about 1.75 inches tall. This sizing is ideal for elevating the machine from the floor and keeping its feet stable. Its depth of 0.25-inch is suitable enough to fit most washer legs.


  • Premium material for creating friction
  • Hard rubber grips for excellent stability
  • Prevents washing machine from vibrating, skidding, and walking around
  • Easy-to-slip unnoticeable foot pads
  • Micro-grip technology makes it compatible with any flooring


  • Necessary for the washer's feet to have equal heights for best results


The pad's hard rubber material works efficiently in preventing the machine's unnecessary movement. It conveniently has a built-in indentation at the top, contributing to its broad compatibility with most washing machines' feet.


2. Eleon Anti Vibration Pads with Tank Tread Grip – Best Value

Anti Vibration Pads with Tank Tread Grip, 4 Pads + Level - Washer & Dryer Pedestals Fit All Machines - Noise Dampening, Protects Laundry Room Floor - Anti Vibrasion Pads for Washing Machine Many users refer to Eleon as the best washing machine pad due to its tank tread grip design. This unique construction provides the pad with exceptional stability in stopping your machine from moving across the floor at a reasonable cost.

It has impressive versatility that allows several users to take advantage of its benefits not only for washing machines but even for air compressors.

Additionally, each pad has a compact size that conveniently fits most types of washers.

Each set comes with four shock-absorber pads, one going under each of your washer's legs. Hence, you would need two sets if you also want to install these pads on your dryer. Finally, Eleon offers a hassle-free installation; simply lift your machine and slide the pad into place.


  • Provides stable support to washing machines and dryers
  • Easy to install and relatively affordable
  • Effectively absorbs vibrations
  • Firmly attaches the washer to the ground
  • Tank tread grip design with bubble level
  • Keeps floor surfaces free from scratches


  • Pads would sometimes come out from the legs when moving the washer
  • Reduces but not eliminate vibrations


The pads' patterned design is what gave Eleon the advantage over its competitors. It ensures a secure grip that can hold your washing machine in place, especially when in use. This set of four even includes a bubble level, perfect for a well-balanced installation.


3. Sumato Stuff Anti Vibration Pads – Best Budget Buy

Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine w/HexaGrip - Stops Washer Dryer Noise Moving Shaking Walking Skidding - Appliance Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support Feet Stabilizer Mat - VIBRASHIELD 4 PK Several homeowners love how when they look for the best washing machine mat, this one from Sumato Stuff frequently comes up in their searches. It's more of a pad than a mat, but it minimizes the noise and keeps your washer from walking around as you do your laundry.

Anyone who wants a vibration-free washer appreciates how this pad conveniently provides the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

Moreover, this pad makes suitable proof that getting it cheaper doesn't mean compromising quality.

It even features a sturdy material, a dual-HexaGrip design, and solid construction that ensures the pads will be in direct contact with your floor. These anti-vibration pads also have a broad compatibility with their universal size that can fit washer legs up to 1.75 inches in diameter.


  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Protects floors from scratches and appliances from damage
  • Broad compatibility due to universal sizing
  • HexaGrip design for outstanding traction on any floor
  • Reasonable cost


  • The height increase when using this product is not suitable for all
  • Not as sturdy when washing heavier loads


The unique HexaGrip design of the Sumato Stuff pad offers secure traction that keeps your machine from skidding and from making noise. Installation is likewise hassle-free since you only need to slightly incline your washer to slip the pads on the washer's feet.


4. Steady-Pad Anti-Vibration Pads – Best Grip

Steady-Pad Anti-Vibration PadsFor being a highly effective solution to your vibrating (and sometimes dancing) washer, there is no wonder why Steady-Pad is a trusted name for several users.

The set includes four pads, each with a micro-grip pattern design to provide traction and keep the washer steady on the floor.

Many people refer to Steady-Pad as one of the best washing machine shock-absorber pads, but it might be pricier than similar products. However, its remarkable performance in securely adhering to the floor makes the steep price tag all worth it.


  • Micro-grip pattern for outstanding grip
  • Secures your appliance in a steady position
  • Absorbs vibration
  • 1.25 inches thick with a 1.75-inch indentation for a perfect fit


  • Pretty tricky to install if the back of the machine is inaccessible
  • Strong odor from packaging


Users can attest to Steady-Pad being the best washing machine mat with its excellent density that effectively absorbs even the most intense machine vibrations. It has an ideal measurement of a three-inch diameter and can raise your washer at least an inch from the ground.


5. PneumaticPlus Pads – Best In Versatility

PneumaticPlus Anti Vibration PadsThis innovative product from PneumaticPlus is undoubtedly the best rubber mat for under your washing machine and for many other devices like an air compressor.

Some others would also use it for their treadmills because these pads are ideal for a range of applications.

The pads feature durable rubber and cork construction; both are well known for not aging prematurely and remarkably resistant to water and oil. Its high-performing materials can withstand any environment, whether hot or cold, which allows indoor and outdoor use.


  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Versatile enough for a wide range of application
  • Dampens sound and vibration effectively
  • Ribbed-layer design for improved traction
  • Affordable


  • Pads have an unpleasant, chemical smell
  • Its rubber tends to detach from the cork after a while


It's hardly surprising how PneumaticPlus is among the best anti-vibration pads for washing machines, with its remarkable features and materials. The cork is an excellent acoustic material, while rubber efficiently dampens vibration. They also contribute to the product's durability.


6. Rubber-Cal Mat – Most Eco-Friendly

Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration MatYou will appreciate how Rubber-Cal performs excellently in high-impact applications and even in harsh conditions, making it the best washing machine mat for many users. However, some would recommend that it's better to use it under carpets for optimal results.

It made its way as our best eco-friendly option from all the products reviewed since Rubber-Cal features recycled rubber tires as its primary material.

In addition, rubber is exceptional in providing durable cushioning while likewise protecting your washer from vibration.


  • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant mat
  • Customizable to a size suitable for your needs
  • Eco-friendly, UV-resistant material
  • Durable cushioning to absorb vibrations and noise
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use


  • Very expensive
  • Strong odor


When narrowing down choices for the best washer anti-vibration pads, your list can never be without Rubber-Cal. Thoughtfully crafted from recycled rubber and polymer binders, you can be assured of the mat's durability and versatility for indoor and outdoor applications.


How Anti-Vibration Pads Affect Washing Machine?

woman operating a washing machine

Most manufacturers design washing machines with legs; some would come without them, and others have wheels.

Those washers with built-in legs sometimes do not touch the floor, so they would often vibrate during operation, mainly when they're spinning at high speed.

These anti-vibration pads might look ordinary at first glance, but in reality, they have unique materials that specifically absorb shocks and vibrations. They come in handy for washing machines not on a level surface to keep them from excessive shaking and from "walking."

Placing these pads on vibrating surfaces is helpful since they create a damping effect. Hence, many homeowners likewise consider the pads a cost-effective way of reducing the noise from vibrating washing machines.

Choosing An Anti-Vibration Mat For Washing Machines

In your search for the best washer anti-vibration pads, you need to know what to look out for; here are some of them:


Essentially, you can't just place anything in between a vibrating object and a hard surface. It has to be something that can absorb shock and even sound. The following are some of the best materials to achieve this purpose:

  • Hard rubber: It is the cheapest material that can absorb vibration. Rubber is an elastic material, also known for creating a damping effect.
  • Sorbothane rubber: It is a top-performing material when it comes to vibration isolation. It can effectively reduce or minimize vibration, movement, or even noise.
  • Closed-cell form rubber: It is another highly rigid, vibration-reducing material with a wide range of applications, including noise, vibration, and harmonics pads.


The product's density is also crucial because the denser it is, the more absorbent it becomes, especially if it's a floor mat like Rubber-Cal. You need to consider its thickness to gauge how it would fit and work with your washer.


Another thing you should consider when shopping for the best washer and dryer anti-vibration pads is the size. Ensure that you took precise measurements for these pads to fit your washer perfectly. Having the right fit would increase your chances of achieving better results.


There are several shock absorber pads that you'd most likely encounter when you start looking for one. One of the most common styles is a floor mat, suitable for minimizing vibrations in laundry rooms. It can also keep the washing machine from dancing around as when spinning.

The rounded pads are another style that you can place under each foot of your washing machine to prevent it from shaking. Conclusively, many users find both pad styles effective. Whether you'd pick one from the other depends on what would best meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Put Under Washing Machine Feet To Help Vibration?

Before you resort to any other solutions for a vibrating washer, you must first consider the following factors that may also cause it to shake:

  • For those using their washer for the first time, check to see if you have already removed the Styrofoam and shipping bolts. These washers generally come with Styrofoam in the package to protect them from sudden impact and damage during transportation.
  • Ensure proper placement of your washing machine, keeping all four legs firmly on the ground. Failure to place your appliance on a level surface can cause vibration.
  • Redistribution of the load weight is also crucial to prevent the washing machine from vibrating during operation. Add a few more items to your laundry if you're only washing a few pairs of garments or something hard to even out the load.

Here's a short video you can watch on how to load your washing machine properly:

  • Flimsy flooring can also cause your washing machine to vibrate. If adding floor support is not possible, try moving your appliance to an area with a more stable floor.

When none of these things work, check for clogged pump filter, the shock absorbers' condition, or broken parts. The built-in legs or dampening pads that come with your washer might be needing replacement.

If that is the case, the most cost-effective method to resolve this problem is to get anti-vibration pads. They work as cushioning between the floor and your appliance and keep it from banging back and forth.

Why Use Anti-Vibration Mats for Washing Machines?

The built-in leveling feet in most washers tend to lose efficacy over time or get damaged with long-term use. The most practical solution is getting yourself quality anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers to keep them from excessive shaking.

These pads help ensure that all four legs of the appliance are on a level surface and maintain the washer's proper weight distribution, especially during operation. Aside from providing balance footing for your machine, these also prevent skidding and absorb vibration.

Conclusively, choosing the best washing machine stabilizer pad will help you avoid mechanical problems on your device while keeping your walls and floors safe from damage.

What are the Best Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machines?

The good news about your search for the best washer vibration pads is that you will see many high-performing ones nowadays. Nevertheless, I highly recommend Vibrafix Anti-Walking Pads for meeting our standards as the best overall product.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I'm glad that you chanced upon this article to guide you in choosing quality rubber feet for a washing machine. It will be a great help before forking a chunk of your savings on something as essential as this investment.

Nevertheless, I recommend Vibrafix Anti-Walking Pads as my best overall product for its reliable performance. Relatively, the Eleon Anti-Vibration Pads are my recommendation for a budget-friendly alternative.

I'm sure there are many online reviews for similar products nowadays. Thus, I hope this article served as your guide in choosing the best washing machine pads that will meet your every need.

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